Tags made with Sebastien Serrano's Art

Made another tag today, instead of throwing my name on it I made a snag...
That beautiful tube is from Sebastien Serrano @ MPT... the elements are from Carita...
If you are a fan of MPT art you should consider joining their yahoo group - great people and on some thursdays (TTT) you get free tubes, lol, what can be better than free tubes!
here is another tag showing the same artists work...

Sorry no tuts, just outta my head...


I tried a new tut tonight by a wonderful tagger and creater WillowRaven (Chelle)

here it the LINK to her tuts... that tube is by Rene Kunert, her tubes are fresh and different, not the typical pin ups, I love her art! If you want it you can get it at MPT
That gorgeous scrap is here and is by Darkmoon!

and I will show ya'll my tag... I love anything Irish so I will wear it proudly all year : )

Thanks for the TUT Chelle!


Just the Elements!

Get them HERE
Download includes 2 stickers (butterfly and a sun),
1 bracket frame, 2 butterflys, leaf, swirl and a stone sun
I am so uninspired lately - spent a week cleaning out and sorting my tubes, hoping that'd make me want to create - it didn't... I made some elements - no rhyme to them, just randon ones... maybe someone can use them... plz remember you can use my stuff freely in your creations, if you insert them in a kit FTU or PTU just give me alittle credit and a link back to my blog - thanks!


Newest Tag - Edward

I got new tubage and decided to play with them today since my chores were being done for me : ) Larry cooked supper, steak and baked potatoes - it was sooo good, especially since he made it... dripped all the love in it... haha.

Anyhow, here is the tag I made with the beautiful art of Eugene Rzhevskii - if you like it you can purchase it at MPT... just a warning the site has some very adult images so if you have little ones around be aware.


I haven't visited my blog since last year! Shame on me!

I don't create much of anything anymore... maybe my mojo will come back soom.... here mojo, kissy kiss noises... come on mojo, come to momma... hahah

Anyhow if you visit leave a comment - even if it's just a kilroy was here kinda thing ; )

cya again soon... Have a wonderful Easter.