Masculine Valentines Day Card

Hello all my fellow gobblers, Happy Thanksgiving, and to those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving... well, happy Thursday : ) Last night while I was waiting for the sandman to do his job I thought of a card idea and rather than wait around for sleep to finally happen I got up and made the card - I like how it turned out - I like it much better than the girly cards I have made to send to OWH - I am going to tut the girly one on youtube so I won't bother to show it here but this guy inspired one is too simple to tut... here is the card -
what do you think - too simple - or just busy enough to be a nice card? You can't really see the base card stock in the photo but is has a vintage kinda feel, so I distressed the papers to kind of match the look of it. I am thinking of making 10 of this style - then changing it around just a lil and making 10 more so I can use up the Neenah Esse cardstock in the pearl color - I have had it a while and am trying to use up my older cardstock - I really love that brown - it is called Moroccan Cocoa, I don't use it much but I should use it more! I am always happy with the cardstock I get from cutcardstock.com, I have never had a bad experience with any of it - all are always true to weight - and you cannot beat 5 dollar shipping and usually it is delivered in 2 days! Check them out if you haven't already. Soon I am going to post a kit I made too, it has been so long since I opened photoshop it needed to update and it took 30 minutes! it was fun and I can't wait to give it to you - 4shared is being so slow! Probably everyone and their granny is online today! I am going to go eat a sandwich, goose & stuffing with honey mustard - YUM - and then I will post the kit - I am so excited about tomorrow - Larry goes back to the truck, and the house will be all mine again (well, ok, Jake-o will be here too, but he is quiet and sleeps in a lil - Larry is up at the break of daylight and wants me up too, for company - YUK - I want to sleep at least to 8... sometimes 9 even : ) Cya a lil later today and then sometime again before Christmas : )


Youtube link for the little journals

Here is the link to the video of the little journals - Click the Picture or HERE g'nite : )
Hello - to anyone who still visits my desolate lil blog : ) I have been working on some journals, some cards, just trying to waste some time. I will give you a lil update on life - lol, not that there is much to update : ) I am still hoping I feel better, I'd say soon but seems like I have been dealing with this stuff for so long maybe I have just accepted it takes time to feel good again after you have been sick for so long... it will all work out : ) My Jake has come back to the nest - it is nice to have him home - I have missed his 'Jacobness' lol. Bud is back on his feet and that makes us all happy! Larry is still Larry, he never changes - he is my rock - I can always count on him to be the same. Ok so there is an update - I tell you my life is so boring, but I will not complain, it is better when it is boring than when it is something new everyday... I am going to show you my newest 'thing'. Usually I do not do 'cheerful' I like more muted colors and the old worn look, but these are for lil ones and they will love the bright colors. I am not sure how to show you the lil journals, I think it might be better and less effort to make a video and upload it to youtube. Also I am going to show some layered flowers I made - I usually buy a bunch of various ones when Larry takes me to Michaels but I had lots of scraps a decided to try and make some. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and finally pulled some of the ones I had apart to see how they were assembled - and I made some pretty ones! *** Yes I can go to Michaels by myself, lol, but it is more fun with Larry cause he is alot more free with his money than I am) Oh and I want to show you my stamp I got from my friend Jenny - I love it! here is my stamp-
Here are the flowers -
The top ones are some of the ones I buy, they are cheap and look pretty but I live so far away from the craft store it is not as easy as running out and getting more when I run out... so I needed to learn to make them!
I used my Tim Holtz long die, called tattered flowers I think, to make the cuts for the petals and then I glimmer misted them, let them dry and then I distressed them and painted the centers with Decor arts paint called spun gold - I added a lil flatback pearl in the center.
These are done the same way, but I just glimmer misted them lightly - I didn't paint the centers.
These were the first ones I tried - they are cut from an older sizzix die - they match the paper in one of the lil journals so they will probably end up in there... I am going to get my video made and uploaded to youtube and I'll post a link soon - thanks for reading - and remember I do read the comments and respond to them I just don't let them post on here.