I made a couple new cards...

I like them but my creativity has just got up and moved I think... I love making cards usually but lately not so much... I entered a challenge and the theme was 'Cream Cardstock' for the base - I got a great deal on some at cutcardstock.com so I have a bunch... maybe I will make the Let it snow ones below for christmas cards this year - they turned out pretty and are so simple... and cause someone always asks what the patterned paper is - it is just from the huge stack 8 (180 random sheets) from DCWV @ JoAnn's - the dotted cardstock was just in my scrap paper drawer, I don't know who designed it - sorry

Here are a couple of the newer ones - I won't share them all, lol, not sure blogger would let me : ) But after I get finished with the thanksgiving swap I am in I will post those - I didn't enter the halloween one - fun as it might of been I just don't have alot of 'halloween' scrap stuff and with me not having a J*O*B I hate to spend Larry's money on my scrap addiction...

I finished my halloween swap - did my bag wrong but I feel good that I actually completed it, the spiders creeped me out! LOL literally! But the treasure chest was so much fun to make, I forgot to get an inside picture but I papered it just like an old trunk - I am going to make another one soon so I will remember to show the inside... recognize my gorjuss stamp on the card, colored in with my copics... I want may more of those paint pens, they are fun - oh it is so adorable - I have 4 of them now and they are my most used stamps!

here is the inside of the card...

it was cute, I haven't heard back from Amanda yet, hope she liked it - swaping 'real' tags is just as stressful as digital ones - you want to know someone liked it : )

Soon our real cold weather will set in, we've had a few days of just random snow, yesterday we had 60 seconds of pea sized hail, then the day went back to being nice... it was odd.

I laugh everytime I think about posting on this blog - I live the boringest life there ever was, yet I have a blog... how weird is that? Pretty weird : )

Have a great evening, I will wish you a wonderful week in advance cause I might not see u again until then... maybe I should just say Happy Halloween too cause it might be that long til I get back here : )  


hahah scared ya didn't I... : )

cya soon!