...how the blanket is coming along.

I like how it looks, it is beginning to resemble a mexican one, how the back of it has the pattern of the stiches is what I am talking about. I like the contrast of the camel color (it is actually a Caron yarn and the color of it is Lace, but it is definitely in the tan/oatmeal/camel family) and the camel colored yarn is a slightly rougher texture than the colored, the colored yarn is soft and silky feeling but the camel is more alot more coarse...

I am going to go from the darker yarns tot he lighter ones, hopefully finishing off with a very pale blue... but you never know with me, I might change my mind half way through : )

But I have to take a lil break from this gorgeous thing cause I want to keep up with the Loom girls so I am going to make my round today or tomorrow.

Ok I am for sure done talking on here for today, but of Chella you have to admit I am keeping my promise, I am posting on here prurty regularly... just no scrap kit yet... opps : )

Sleepless in Langdon...

Oh man how I wish I could crawl back, well ok not back, just crawl to the bed. I am so exhausted that is how I'd end up getting there!

We have to do something about Larry's snoring! It has went from just kind of an endearing nuisance to a really big problem... it is no longer something to giggle about, it is a real tear jerker now.

I love the guy, I get giddy when I first think of him rollin in, but then, in the back of my mind, I wonder just how long he will be home for, how many sleepless nights will there be? Uggg this time there will be 3... and no sleeping during the day cause he wails on his guitar or plays his game or blares the tv so loud... all normal things if you well rested but when you're a menopausal, sleep deprived woman it seems like the killing field! 

Since I can no longer eat my backed goodies I thank God for crafts and crochet!

So I put my time to half decent use last nite - I needed some markers for my round loom, I am going to attempt a Granny Round, but I priced them online and I was like, heck I can make those! I may suck at crochet but I am definitely handy with a bead and wire : )

So I made me some!

Who knew kindergarten crafts would be so useful in you mid forty's!



I keep meaning to post this for my yahoo groupies - I mentioned this hook and promised a picture and link - it is the easiest way to get to the inside of the All In One look, it is also pretty safe, saves you from putting stress on the pins - I hope you can see the lil curve and crook of the top of the hook - it is what makes this so unique, I bought it in a 4 pack of hooks at walmart, on the tool isle - the other hooks are useful for crafts too.

And this is the new clover crochet hook I was raving about - it's not truly new anymore since it's been about 4 months ago but I still favor it to all my old hooks... it is not quite a traditional hook and not an in line hook either but it is different cause it holds the yard good - and the handle makes it very easy for me to hold - I gave one away the other day and the lady I gave it to said her daughter liked the hook (her daughter is 6) so the hooks are good for the old and young alike : )

 Isn't that a pretty stitch? It is called The Star stitch and here is a link to a youtube video of it  - I have to see someone crochet to really 'get it', the patterns are so confusing for me!

Mini Foods...

My diet buddy sent me to a website that showcases 'mini foods' food made is especially smaller sizes.... I am not sure but I think this would be awful for my diet - seriously!

I usually say I will just have 1 of whatever it is that I am craving, and most times I do just have 1... but if they were tiny I think I would say to myself well 3 or 4 could not hurt cause they are equal to 1 big one, lol, maybe I would even say I could have more cause they are so small!

I was thinking of making the crab cakes an mini cheesecake next time the crazy man is home, he is such a right brain thinker the mini effect might work for him... 

 Mini Crab Cakes   Baked Mini Cheesecakes

If I come back crying I gained 5 lbs from crab (cause we all know cheesecake is calorie free, right, haha) you know I was right about the principle...

now I am going to go make me a nice tall glass of iced coffee and call my sister and discuss mini foods in depth : )


I got the bllllaaaahhhhhssss

I am working on a new scrap kit, so far I have a theme and actions bought : )  ... I just have the blahs lately - I don't feel like tagging, making kits or tubing... hoping I get more creative quick : )
I am not sure where my missing posts have gone - when blogger started this new format they were there but recently a whole bunch of them went missing - I think I have the kits on my external drive but if not I do not have them anymore - maybe some kind person will help me get them back : )
If the links are still good on 4shared I will reshare them.

I keep hoping I log in one day and my posts will be back but it has been a week so I think they are just gone : (

Ok I did my blog update now i am going back to blahsville... I am going to watch last nights episode Perception off the dvr... hope it's a good show cause I am going to miss the closer!

My Market Bag

I love my All-In-One Loom from AKB I have made a few things on it but this bag is my favorite so far! It is such a simple stitch to do, it's the mock crochet stitch... looks much better than my crochet : ) It is meant to replicate a single stitch and I think it does!

Flat before I stretched it out with stuff

 Full of yarn... can you see the nice even stitches? Much nicer than my sloppy crochet : )
That is the board in the second picture...

I am going to make another one of these bags now that I am certian what the end result will be - I will make the bag a bit taller and the strap much shorter, notice I had to tie it cause it streched too much with the weight of the yarn and I will use a cotton or hemp yarn next time... but I do like the bag : )