Sweetie & Little Sister

Just thought I would share our new lil fur friends.

They came to us with the names of Princess and Larry - we could have no more Larrys in our house and I do not like the name princess- so we started thinking of names - we thought we were going to settle for Bam Bam and Pebbles - cute names for cute kitties but they would not come to them. I always called the girl sister and soon she started responding to it, so she got her's by default, but the lil boy is just a furry bundle of sweetness so I decided he would be sweetie, he does not really come to it, he did not come to Larry either, he responds to kissy kissy noises the best., but he will learn his name eventually.

It is not the best picture but I had to get them snuggling, it is too sweet!

They never get too far from each other, if they get separated lil sister mewels for sweetie and he stops whatever he is doing and goes to find her. It is adorable.

Were going to the vet tomorrow for a check up and maybe shots depending on their age, which will be determined by the vet. The vet said they will not fix them until they are at least 2 months, so I am hoping he determines them to be at least that old.

I will try to remember to share them more as they grow : )

til next post, Lo