Newest Tag - Edward

I got new tubage and decided to play with them today since my chores were being done for me : ) Larry cooked supper, steak and baked potatoes - it was sooo good, especially since he made it... dripped all the love in it... haha.

Anyhow, here is the tag I made with the beautiful art of Eugene Rzhevskii - if you like it you can purchase it at MPT... just a warning the site has some very adult images so if you have little ones around be aware.


I haven't visited my blog since last year! Shame on me!

I don't create much of anything anymore... maybe my mojo will come back soom.... here mojo, kissy kiss noises... come on mojo, come to momma... hahah

Anyhow if you visit leave a comment - even if it's just a kilroy was here kinda thing ; )

cya again soon... Have a wonderful Easter.