I finished my lil 4th of July Album.

I won't say I 'finally' finished it because that makes it sound like a chore, and it wasn't - I really enjoy making them because for hours I do not have to think about anything else - it is so relaxing to paper craft. No other craft I do it as relaxing as working with paper and tape : )

I feel so blessed to have someone actually want it and I do not have to pawn it off on someone, lol! Just made my day to have someone ask for it!

Here is a link to the youtube video of the finished thing. Don't laugh at my video, LOL, I feel so strange talking and there is no one there...

c'ya - Lo


Just another card post

It was really hard to get motivated to make cards, our weather has been so nice! Barely any snow is left on the ground and the sun has been out, birds are everywhere and the best part was Larry was home for a few days letting his back rest and it was so nice! He has become so interested in Dr. Who - YIKES - I am not a whovian but I think he is becoming one! He watched 6 episodes back to back, I was burned out after the first one, lol! So I came into my craft room and made a couple cards... then he pestered me to have some cake with him, it was a sacrifice but I made it cause I love him ; )

My cards are very plain today - I just love those house mouse stamps but they are a chore to color - by the time I finished coloring them I think I'd lost my steam to make the cards... I also made 2 any hero cards I will write a note in and get this box out monday... maybe tuesday.

OWH Sketch challenge #170

and the any hero cards... 

'gnite : )


Flower Power

I just love flowers on cards! It made me happy when I got am email from OWH that just practically screamed - 'Lorri make a flower card!' Ok it did not scream... geesh take all my creative license from me why don't you....   : )

So I made a couple!

Here is a link to the tut from OWH.

I was going to pitch them because my inner pearls did not stay round but nothing is perfect in nature, and nothing on my cards is ever perfect either, so I decided they were fine!

OWH's Midweek Throwdown...

I am a few days late posting my card - I had issues with uploading this week... it is a fairly common disorder called laziness ; )

Here is a link to OWH's Throwdown for this week, the theme for it was 'It's About Time'...

here is my card : )

My cardstock used in this card is a jumble - the dark brown in the back is Pop Tones Hot Fudge (from cutcardstock.com) the cream colored paper is recollections and the matted brown layer is DCWV, it comes in a textured mat stack (you can get it super cheap right now from DCWV Deals) The designer paper is from the Prima Engraver 6x6 pad - and it was so awesome, it took 1 sheet to make this card the only waste was the tiny bit I fussy cut away from the sides of the clocks! I have had this pad for a while and always forget to use it, now I have used it!

I had no time related sentiments, so I used a thankful one - cause I am always thankful for our military! 


Made A New Album/A New Youtube Channel

Made A New Album/A New Youtube Channel

I posted a lil review of it on youtube - I don't know if I will ever get comfortable doing videos.
No more til I get a new webcam - much as I think the video came out clear it is a lil shaky cause I had to hold it.
If you go check it out plz like the video and leave a comment : ) And plz follow me.

And I would never want to disappoint anyone with no whining... it is 9 degrees outside and it is April 20th! That is just abnormal... geesh, I need it to warm up already! I am so ready to run away to the beach... we are going to be on the beach next week : )
I am hitting the road with Larry and he promised we could spend a couple days in florida - yippppeeeeee!

I hope your days are warm and sunny : )



...that's all I have to say is it is Monday...

Oh wait, there is more, hahaha. I have a few select tv shows I really watch, the tv may always be on for noise but I usually have no idea what is going on... but one of my favorite shows had it's season finale last night and I cried! Both larry and me cried, like big ole babies! It worries me they gave it too much of an ending... I mean if the show never came back it had a conclusion.

Oh so I really had nada to say, but while I am here I will rant a lil. I want the snow to melt, to go away already! Please anyone from the south who reads my blog open your most northern facing window and blow... not like I got a lil sand between my toes, I mean blow like it's your 29th birthday and you think you have a chance to turn back time! I really NEED a nice, warm day at the beach!

Ok rant over now I will return to hosting my cardage : )

This a play on things that fly... Kites do fly : ) I will probably make a birdy or maybe a bat, who knows if I can work a cute little bat into a spring card : ) I wouldn't want to get too normal!
If you want to help OWH reach their april goal in getting a few boxes of cards shipped for FREE from Our Daily Bread you can find the info here.

and some adorable turtles - this one is serving 2 purposes - one is shows off the gorgeous stamps from Stampers Best - I hope I can figure out how to add to the sidebar again so I can link to them and also it al the OWH midweek throwdown Tags & Twine - find more info here.

I got one more new I made too - this one is for the OWH Sketch Challenge #167 - you can find more info here.