We had to go get water today, and since it is such a long drive we try and make the most of it - we saw yard sale signs everywhere in Devil's lake so we started following then, we found the neatest flower 'bed'... and I found a real wool 8 x10 beige (clean too) rug for 12 bucks - I will need to rebind one corner but wow just 12 bucks!

I really want my own flower bed!

Anyhow, here is a picture of the gorgeous flower 'bed'!

literally a Flower 'Bed'!

Just a tag I made, lol, about the bug juice ... ewww : )

Photos from The Road days 1 & 2

My week out on the truck with Larry was sweet! It always is fun to be with him out there, so long as he delivers on time there just aren't any rules as to where we can go or what we can do (we don't get to get off where trucks can go but there are lots of beautiful places trucks do have access too) - the company he works for is really great!

I took some pictures - many many pictures and some would make awesome backgrounds for your desktop or tags so I uploaded them to fotki and you can pick and choose which ones if any you want.
Most of these are a lil blurry, I did take them from a speeding truck, lol, my lil rebel did ok though.

These pictures come from several states, Montana, Idaho, Washington State, Oregon, and of course North Dakota. I think Montana is the most beautiful state (besides Alaska, and somewhere on this blog you will find a few pictures from Alaska) we stopped in a lil town called Milltown in Montana - I wish I could live there! Idaho is a beautiful state too... heck I like something about every state we pass through from the flatland to the mountains and I especially love when we get to go into historic downtown areas! I have a penchant for old barns and houses so sometimes you will get a few of those too... I hope you enjoy peeking at my photos of blurry scenery : )

***this takes you to the album with the photos from days one and two - I will post more links as I clean up the pictures - be aware some albums may contain content of the more adult nature (tags) so don't say I did not warn you if you explore the other stuff...***

I will change my common TOU for these photos. You can use this pictures for backgrounds, tube any elements out you want and use them for your non-commercial kits with no credit required... if you want to use them in something you will sell I would appreciate a link back to my blog and my credit in your kit would read ©Lorri Nichols http://lorrisbitsofthisandthat.blogspot.com/ If you tube out any elements you may not sell them individually.