Suzanne Woolcott (gorjuss Girls!) Stamps...

Hello! Hope u are having a happy day!

I did, or should I say I am! It was kinda warm today, all of 25, which is very nice compare to the -18 below stuff - and I got good mail - I received my gorjuss stamps! Suzanne Woolcott has long been on of my favorite tube artists, so much so I have purchased her drawings and have them displayed! She is why I considered being copyright compliant -being aware of what is right and wrong is one thing, but being committed to complying with is is another thing... it was hard use peoples art illegally after getting to know them...

Many of you know I am a tube hoarder, I have thousand of tubes I have not got around to using yet, hopefully I will someday, but for now I am into the stamp thing... it is so much fun to color them in, with markers, water colors or even colored pencils, that is what I used today, just cheap old crayola pencils I have had since my boys were in Jr High...I am working on my technique... the shading mostly, I watch lots of videos and one day it will all come together - my hands and eyes will get in touch with my brain and then eureka it will all work : )

Do any of you watch this show called Amish mafia? This has got to be the most unbelievable show I have ever seen... I do not know alot about the Amish but I have known a few and they do not condone violence! But you know I watch it, cause it is like a bad cup of coffee, lol, I drink it because at least it is coffee even though it leaves a bad taste behind... the whole time I watch this show I just say no way after all sorts of stuff... now they are having a barn fight... yea I did it, I said NO WAY : )

I made a lil card while I was watching the last episode... I just love this stamp, now I need more of them!

I think I will go get under the covers and read for a bit - no more amish mafia for me tonight... well maybe I will wait til after the fella Jolen fights... eeehhh why not...


Just another of Sketch 154

I love those Bees!

OWH Sketch 154

I had to try this one because I like the little window look - I don't particularly like how my cards turned out but the sketch is awesome : ) I am bound and determined to finish up the Immortal papers - just a little better than half of them to go... I have to remind myself of this paper pack when I go to buy a stack that just 'sounds' good, lol, sounding good and looking good are 2 different things!I still have a complete 12X12 stack of this stuff is anyone is in love with it - I'd trade for something more "Me"! Somehow I think I will have the 12X12 stack a very long time...

That ribbon is going to lay flat - the ribbon is pulled through the other side, like you do when you put a faux belt on a skirt and the bow on top is faux too.

ok here are my cards - I love that rose, it comes from... ??GUESS??... lol, yes from the immortal chipboard box... I really bought it all thinking I was going to LOVE the set, I do like some of the elements...

and here is the sketch 154 from OWH -


These cards are for the January challenge over at OWH. It is sponsored by Our Daily Bread Stamps - if OWH gets 50 cards ODB will pay for the shipping on 2 boxes of cards for our Troops! If you create at all it would be an awesome thing to get in on : )

Set #1 Spring Theme

#2 - Fathers Day


Come on SUMMER!

I wanna go to the beach, I want to sit in the sand, feel the sun baking me I want to swim with the fishes in the gulf... I am so tired of the cold! I am so sorry I ever complained about the heat, I am so sorry I get hives from the sun... I will live with hives, I just want out of this extreme cold!

Yes I am having a little pity party all by myself... it will pass.

Just 72 more days til Spring...

That's it, lol, nothing else but a rant...

Have a nice evening : )



Just a quick note to say.... Hello and Happy New Year!

I cannot believe 2012 is behind us. The year flew by - so much sadness for me, so many disappointments and changes - I just know 1013 will be better... why not I mean it does end in the a 13. People either embrace the number 13 or they dread it - me I have never had the number affect me one way or the other so I will embrace it, and hope it is a good year : )

I was so tired last night - this giving up caffeine was kicking my butt - so tired but I could not sleep because I had a headache that would not go away - so while I laid awake and suffered I had to really question why I wanted to give up caffeine... it is just a control issue. I hate to be controlled, even by something as meaningless as a cup of coffee in the morning! So I got up at 5 made me a pot of coffee, guzzled 1/2 the pot and finally got relief from the headache...and now at noon as I sip the first cup of my second pot I realize I was beaten by the bean, I cannot cope without it... I guess my addictions could be worse.

And this morning I opened my PSP for the first time in a while and made a lil tag - yep a very simple tag but it felt good to make something...

and I made some cards from the OWH sketch #153 - it is a nice one Julie, TY for it : )

and a card to show the fork bow - lol - had anyone told me to try this without a video I would have scratched my head and wondered what they were going on about - I really need visual aids...

Well that's all for show and tell - I am going to make some cookies but I will refrain from showing those, LOL, cause I know we all know what a chocolate chip cookie tastes like - but I will say I love my chocolate chip cookies better than any I have ever had - they are nice and crisp on the outside and gooey and so chocolatey on the inside - YUM - so now u want a cookie don't you - hahahaha... my sugar cookies are good too... and the best I have ever had too : )

Have a wonderful day - don't forget to eat a couple black eyes peas to make sure you see the good fortune when it comes your way this year : )