Some St. Patrick's Stuff

You can get the Elements HERE
You can get the Frames HERE

Today is cold and nippy but no snow or rain - and the sun is shineing so it's nice, but the wind is feirce! I have no plans today, my kids are all gone, my husband and brother out on the road, my house chores are finished - so I am going to play with some actions, maybe create some stickers and relax! I hope your day is as peaceful and calm as mine.

I have 2 things for you today, one is a frame set (one frame is transparent, one looks like a ceramic frame - there is also a presentation banner included)

The second thing I have is a set of elements, I tried to make the little puffy stickers, one is transparent and one has a white background - I dread making papers so I just didn't. I made these elements from stuff already in the psp program, no scripts or actions or even outside plug ins - I like them : )

As always these are yours to use, but plz do not claim them as your own or include them in your kits.

I have some sticker elements to share too, if I finish them today I'll post them, if not I'll post them tomorrow.

hugs, Lorri


Hilary said...

Fabulous Lorri .. thanks so much!

rhonda said...

Awesome photo frames!!! Thanks Lorri!!!