St. Patrick's Day Stickers

I had fun making the stickers! Since I started to 'really' scrap instead of just using the sets to make tags I really like stickers - I use them to write dates or document something about the photo - of course they still look neat on tags : ) Once a tagger always a tagger I guess.
There are 5 sets, each a separate download, becausenot everyone will like all of them, and also it makes for a smaller download for you - hope someone else enjoys the stickers - hugs, Lorri

This set is kind of neat to me, I made one a frame, Just put your photo behind it!
You can get these Here

Just rainbows, you have to have something to lead you to the gold... get them Here I am told that 3 leaf clovers are just as St. Patty-ish as 4... get these HERE

And of course the 4 leaf clovers for the best of luck - get them Here

Bows and just the cutest heart shamrock! Get these HERE

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rhonda said...

Super stickers Lorri!!! Thanks for sharing!