Suzanne Woolcott (gorjuss Girls!) Stamps...

Hello! Hope u are having a happy day!

I did, or should I say I am! It was kinda warm today, all of 25, which is very nice compare to the -18 below stuff - and I got good mail - I received my gorjuss stamps! Suzanne Woolcott has long been on of my favorite tube artists, so much so I have purchased her drawings and have them displayed! She is why I considered being copyright compliant -being aware of what is right and wrong is one thing, but being committed to complying with is is another thing... it was hard use peoples art illegally after getting to know them...

Many of you know I am a tube hoarder, I have thousand of tubes I have not got around to using yet, hopefully I will someday, but for now I am into the stamp thing... it is so much fun to color them in, with markers, water colors or even colored pencils, that is what I used today, just cheap old crayola pencils I have had since my boys were in Jr High...I am working on my technique... the shading mostly, I watch lots of videos and one day it will all come together - my hands and eyes will get in touch with my brain and then eureka it will all work : )

Do any of you watch this show called Amish mafia? This has got to be the most unbelievable show I have ever seen... I do not know alot about the Amish but I have known a few and they do not condone violence! But you know I watch it, cause it is like a bad cup of coffee, lol, I drink it because at least it is coffee even though it leaves a bad taste behind... the whole time I watch this show I just say no way after all sorts of stuff... now they are having a barn fight... yea I did it, I said NO WAY : )

I made a lil card while I was watching the last episode... I just love this stamp, now I need more of them!

I think I will go get under the covers and read for a bit - no more amish mafia for me tonight... well maybe I will wait til after the fella Jolen fights... eeehhh why not...


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