Just a quick note to say.... Hello and Happy New Year!

I cannot believe 2012 is behind us. The year flew by - so much sadness for me, so many disappointments and changes - I just know 1013 will be better... why not I mean it does end in the a 13. People either embrace the number 13 or they dread it - me I have never had the number affect me one way or the other so I will embrace it, and hope it is a good year : )

I was so tired last night - this giving up caffeine was kicking my butt - so tired but I could not sleep because I had a headache that would not go away - so while I laid awake and suffered I had to really question why I wanted to give up caffeine... it is just a control issue. I hate to be controlled, even by something as meaningless as a cup of coffee in the morning! So I got up at 5 made me a pot of coffee, guzzled 1/2 the pot and finally got relief from the headache...and now at noon as I sip the first cup of my second pot I realize I was beaten by the bean, I cannot cope without it... I guess my addictions could be worse.

And this morning I opened my PSP for the first time in a while and made a lil tag - yep a very simple tag but it felt good to make something...

and I made some cards from the OWH sketch #153 - it is a nice one Julie, TY for it : )

and a card to show the fork bow - lol - had anyone told me to try this without a video I would have scratched my head and wondered what they were going on about - I really need visual aids...

Well that's all for show and tell - I am going to make some cookies but I will refrain from showing those, LOL, cause I know we all know what a chocolate chip cookie tastes like - but I will say I love my chocolate chip cookies better than any I have ever had - they are nice and crisp on the outside and gooey and so chocolatey on the inside - YUM - so now u want a cookie don't you - hahahaha... my sugar cookies are good too... and the best I have ever had too : )

Have a wonderful day - don't forget to eat a couple black eyes peas to make sure you see the good fortune when it comes your way this year : )


Dixie Cochran said...

Thanks for the post!! I too am controlled by the bean, but I am cutting back…hoping to avoid the headaches. Your cards are beautiful!

Cindy said...

Yep, I am a bean junkie too!
Love your tag and your cards are very pretty.