Made A New Album/A New Youtube Channel

Made A New Album/A New Youtube Channel

I posted a lil review of it on youtube - I don't know if I will ever get comfortable doing videos.
No more til I get a new webcam - much as I think the video came out clear it is a lil shaky cause I had to hold it.
If you go check it out plz like the video and leave a comment : ) And plz follow me.

And I would never want to disappoint anyone with no whining... it is 9 degrees outside and it is April 20th! That is just abnormal... geesh, I need it to warm up already! I am so ready to run away to the beach... we are going to be on the beach next week : )
I am hitting the road with Larry and he promised we could spend a couple days in florida - yippppeeeeee!

I hope your days are warm and sunny : )

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