Prima Romance Novel Albums (Preview)

Hello! Happy Memorial Day! Thank you so much to all our soldiers, past and present, I appreciate you and your gift of promised freedom very much.
I cannot believe it is already May 27th! May 27th is a very special day to me, it is my sweetie's Birthday! He is getting so old, LOL, I know, I know, how do I stay 29 year after year and he just gets older and older... hahaha ; )


I can't complain about the weather, it has been absolutely beautiful! Me and Morticia Addams have the same taste in weather :  )

I have been working on a couple more Albums this week - these I love! I probably just like them so much because of the paper, the paper I am using is beyond gorgeous.... it is gorgelicious! It is the Prima Romance Novel - yes I know I joined the party late on this paper but it still makes it no less beautiful : )

I thought I'd give you a peek at them in progress - I still have a days work left on them when I get the closures for the front. I am not going to cover the front too much with decoration, I love the paper too much!

here is a little picture preview and I also did a video you can check out here or click on any of the pictures and hopefully they take you to youtube.

The Cover (so far)

The Pages

The back

I cannot wait to finish them, I want to gift them to their recipients, I hope they will love them!

Have an awesome rest of the day! ~Lorri

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