Rolled Rose Tut

I figured since I finally found better light I'd show how to roll the roses - I said I would after a previous video but I really do feel odd talking to myself doing these videos... so weird. I am not the best demonstrator, and I said 'weird' 50 million times during the video... I never say weird... til today : )

These roses are not my 'creation' I saw them once on youtube and I did not favorite it so I am having a hard time giving the original uploader credit... thank you to the original uploader and if you tell me who you are I will put a link to your video in the 'about' box : )

So you say what is so special about paper roses? Nothing, lol, but they are easy and cheap to make and look great on album covers... and if you make them white they are easy to color... they are not 'special' but they do make things look special : )

I colored these with Glimmer Mist. in the past I have used paint (acrylic and also water colors) if you want more of a flat color try a mist like sprinklers (october afternoon makes them) and if you want them super colorful and vibrant try Dylusions (Ranger brand) - those are my suggestions but you could pretty much color them with anything... they look really pretty with that furry embossing powder on the tips and glitter glue... - I am just sayin you can really dress these simple flowers up nice : )

Click the Picture to go to the Youtube tut.

I hope u give them a try, heck they would be a great thing to do with your kids they are so simple and easy!

til next time ~Lorri

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