OMGosh I made the cutest cards tonight - took me about 1 hour and then 15 minutes to make one on camera - so simple and unique! That included cutting the paper, inking and prepping the bags, heck even the hardest part, picking the paper! Not very often I get 4 cars in 1 hour and 15 minutes!

I think all of us have paper bags, either leftovers from mini's or ones we have earmarked for future minis : ) Get rid of a few on a couple of these cards!

I got the idea from Peggy, the very same Peggy as Jppeggy2 on youtube (here is a link to her video, and she is going to really show u how to make them : )

Anyhow here is a Pic of how adorable they are -

and you can watch my video if you want to see how simple one comes together : )

Have a wonderful evening - g'nite ~ Lo

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