Homemade glue gun stand and distress ink tools... from recycled stamp blocks!


Long time no see : )

I am up late this morning, really still my nite - YIKES it is almost 5 am! The time change has done me in! I will get a few hours sleep before I need to be up so it is ok : ) Hope all of you are reading this at a more normal time of day.

I took the rest of the rubber stamps that I am keeping off the blocks tonight and ended up with some neat sized blocks - so I made stuff!

I made a glue gun stand and some distress ink tools! Yes I did!

I still need to add the dowels to the glue gun stand but it will get finished tomorrow - I love it - small, space saving... and free!

The shapes might not be exactly the same as what you have stamp blocks but maybe you have similar sizes to work with.

Tell me what you use those leftover stamp blocks for plz - I have a whole sack filled with them - the wood is so pretty I just hate to toss them out.

I think I could catch some ZZZzzzzz's now - so goodnight.... or good morning : )

Leave me a comment on what u do to recycle stuff in your craft space - and especially the stamp blocks if you have ideas - cya ~ Lo

And here is my youtube video if you want to see more detail.

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