I had a revelation... why my mojo fled.


This week I have been creatively constipated... that's what I will call it... cause I really wanted to create, be productive but try as hard as I might I just couldn't force it... lol, great analogy, right?

I figured it out - as I was watching delygirl1962 over on youtube show off her newest journal it hit me... I am forcing myself to work with bright colors, PINK, and I do not like them, most especially I do not like PINK, I hate the whole style of what I am forcing myself to make and I am doing it just to 'fit in'... we all know I do not ever compromise myself to 'fit in' so I had to question myself why I was doing it now... I had to sit and think... I am doing it because it is something I bought and I just hate to not use it... I love the designer who sent me this kit, she is an amazing person... and I will finish this album, gift it to someone who likes these repulsive colors (hahahahaha) and move on to something grungy and dirty and be me again! And it has GOLD in it, lol, yes bright GOLD... not coppery gold, not beautiful brassy gold, but bright gold... lol, UUUGGGGG....

this is a preview of how far I have got and a sample of what I will tag and embellish with... oh the cheerfulness of it all is disturbing!

Now on to more positive things, the previous week I really did accomplish some stuff... I made some bookmarks - they are so cute!

and yesterday... no maybe it was friday...hhhuuummmmm I do not recall, anyhow I played with Lamekas stamp set 'Besties' I am not sure if it is her newest but it is so cute, it is one I wanted to have! You can get her stamps over at pinkbowties.biz

 and the Stamps set - so cute!

so to close this post I will add - I am going to go on a spending freeze, I have so many new things and have had no desire to play - so for the next few weeks I am going to shop my stash and play that way.

Next time you find your mojo has left the building, try and determine why... maybe you're stifling yourself!

Have a great week and get your crafty groove on!

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