Another fun saturday!

I got to spend my saturday making cards again and it was so much fun!

Do you ever buy destashes? I do occasionally and I did last week from a crafter on youtube - I got some neat dies and one was a huge mason jar (also the matching mini mason die) - it is meant to be for a mini but I wanted to make some cards! So happy to say I made this card out of my own head : ) I wanted the front to look like a label but not a typical label - the label opens out and you can write on the inside underneath it. I cut the card base from a box I was going to recycle, so I really did a 'duo recycle' on it!
The patterned paper is more from the unknown stack, I m trying hard to use up the florals just to get them on out of my paper horde. the back is covered in the same patterned paper.

Then I had some scraps and I hate to waste so I made one more card to add to my ever growing mound - sometimes I like the scrap cards more than the ones I set out to make...

I hope your saturday was as relaxing as mine : )

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