I found tube artist stamps!

Good Morning!!!!!

I am so excited to find these stamps I had to share!

I love my psp and all aspects of making 'tags' - the thing I missed most about making 'real' cards was the loss of tubes - I found the gorjuss stamps and that made me so happy - and now I am even happier cause I found a few more of my favorite tube artists have stamps! Yipppeee and that means I can color them anyway I want! Yea! I am so happy to find these!

This is just one more way I can try to combine my 2 favorite hobbies!

Oh you want a link... lol


Just a few - click on the link below for some more awesome artist tubes


I have spent all my christmas money on stamps, and a few more copics... now to wait for the Royal mail to come!

I wonder if Elias or Garvey have stamps... or Arthur Crowe... maybe a Arthur Crowe KidRock stamp... now there is one to hope for ; )

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