Another set of cards to share!

Hope everyone is having an amazing saturday - mine may not be amazing but it has been uneventful and that is always nice : )

I made these set of cards with the die on wednesday - then last night, around midnight, laying in bed I remembered the scraps... LOL... I thought about making some step cards with them, so I got up and did just that!

Yes I am a night owl by nature - I force myself to keep regular business hours most of the time but if truth be told I could easily have been a vampire... well yea except the sucking peoples blood thing, I'd have to be an alternative vampire kinda girl : )

Ok on to the card shares and no more of the blood sucking, eeeuucccckkk...

This is the die set I used - It is newer I think, I got it from Joann.com and it only took 28 days to get here - yiiipppeeee.... It is a Sizzix set designed by Stephanie Barnard - card, fancy flip-its #2 - the only complaint I had it that the mat dies are so small - I went ahead and ordered the sizzix framelits #4 so I can have a larger mat area... for $29.00 it should come with a larger mat die... but I won't complain too much because I actually like the cards it makes and the dies are simple to use.

This is the stuff I started with - the cards had to for sure have Gold & Navy Blue and then your choice of an accent color - I chose red for my accent color : )

this is the die - 

if you decide to purchase it plan on getting the framelits #4, I found them cheapest on amazon they are sold by sizzix.

Cards made from the die set - they are simple but look kind of classy - they are for a swap in a private group on facebook (not they did not make me beg to join... ok not literally like on my hands and knees... )

ok tilt your head cause it will not flip...

so after I had these made I had leftovers - lots of them - so I made these, even the bases are from the left overs - they are not true a2 size but are only off by 1/4 inch... no one will notice... who goes around measuring cards when they gets them anyhow.

and to be honest I like the scrap cards as much as the die cards...

so what do I have left from my mess...

still enough for a card or 2 if I got really creative - and I might. I really hate to waste cardstock... especially card stock with whales on it!

Thanks for looking at my crafty card mess - it was fun to make it, and fun to share it - hope you have a messy crafty day too - til next time, Lo

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