Interactive Cardmaking Project

This is another 'since I am here post' -

I meant to share this the other day but I keep forgetting - mostly because once I click the link, I start the video and then I get lost watching the tutorials!

If you are a card maker this is going to help you a bunch when you get a little bit uninspired or just need a fresh idea or two! Don't blame me if your housework suffers or you get caught watching this at work, LOL, blame Sandy from OWH cause she created it!

I am crossing my fingers I get this post right!

Here is a link to the Videos - ICP - Interactive Cardmaking Project - and it is awesome!

The cards below were inspired by the ICP - but you know me I don't always follow a tut exactly, I always gotta own it in some way, lol - I definitely owned these!

I really want to encourage my crafty buddies to make a couple cards for OWH - it is such a nice way to let our soldiers know we care! Lots of you craft cards to sell, make an extra one of each design and set it aside for a soldier to send on to someone they care about - go read about Hero cards - ones you write to soldiers to lift their spirits and let them know you appreciate them - I think that is more wonderful than making the cards! And if you tag in psp, all those scrap kits we buy that say CU or SFH ( but read the TOU just to be sure, most PU say they cannot be printed)they can be printed and used to make cards - and if you can make a tag in psp/ps you can make a beautiful card!

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