I keep meaning to post this for my yahoo groupies - I mentioned this hook and promised a picture and link - it is the easiest way to get to the inside of the All In One look, it is also pretty safe, saves you from putting stress on the pins - I hope you can see the lil curve and crook of the top of the hook - it is what makes this so unique, I bought it in a 4 pack of hooks at walmart, on the tool isle - the other hooks are useful for crafts too.

And this is the new clover crochet hook I was raving about - it's not truly new anymore since it's been about 4 months ago but I still favor it to all my old hooks... it is not quite a traditional hook and not an in line hook either but it is different cause it holds the yard good - and the handle makes it very easy for me to hold - I gave one away the other day and the lady I gave it to said her daughter liked the hook (her daughter is 6) so the hooks are good for the old and young alike : )

 Isn't that a pretty stitch? It is called The Star stitch and here is a link to a youtube video of it  - I have to see someone crochet to really 'get it', the patterns are so confusing for me!

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