...how the blanket is coming along.

I like how it looks, it is beginning to resemble a mexican one, how the back of it has the pattern of the stiches is what I am talking about. I like the contrast of the camel color (it is actually a Caron yarn and the color of it is Lace, but it is definitely in the tan/oatmeal/camel family) and the camel colored yarn is a slightly rougher texture than the colored, the colored yarn is soft and silky feeling but the camel is more alot more coarse...

I am going to go from the darker yarns tot he lighter ones, hopefully finishing off with a very pale blue... but you never know with me, I might change my mind half way through : )

But I have to take a lil break from this gorgeous thing cause I want to keep up with the Loom girls so I am going to make my round today or tomorrow.

Ok I am for sure done talking on here for today, but of Chella you have to admit I am keeping my promise, I am posting on here prurty regularly... just no scrap kit yet... opps : )

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Anonymous said...

Lovely blanket Lo, That stitch is pretty! I love to crochet too when I have time to. Those looms are really handy to have around. I have a few and have been teaching my younger nieces how to make blankets for their dolls with them LOL. Sending lots of hugs for you and Larry your way!