Sleepless in Langdon...

Oh man how I wish I could crawl back, well ok not back, just crawl to the bed. I am so exhausted that is how I'd end up getting there!

We have to do something about Larry's snoring! It has went from just kind of an endearing nuisance to a really big problem... it is no longer something to giggle about, it is a real tear jerker now.

I love the guy, I get giddy when I first think of him rollin in, but then, in the back of my mind, I wonder just how long he will be home for, how many sleepless nights will there be? Uggg this time there will be 3... and no sleeping during the day cause he wails on his guitar or plays his game or blares the tv so loud... all normal things if you well rested but when you're a menopausal, sleep deprived woman it seems like the killing field! 

Since I can no longer eat my backed goodies I thank God for crafts and crochet!

So I put my time to half decent use last nite - I needed some markers for my round loom, I am going to attempt a Granny Round, but I priced them online and I was like, heck I can make those! I may suck at crochet but I am definitely handy with a bead and wire : )

So I made me some!

Who knew kindergarten crafts would be so useful in you mid forty's!

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