My Market Bag

I love my All-In-One Loom from AKB I have made a few things on it but this bag is my favorite so far! It is such a simple stitch to do, it's the mock crochet stitch... looks much better than my crochet : ) It is meant to replicate a single stitch and I think it does!

Flat before I stretched it out with stuff

 Full of yarn... can you see the nice even stitches? Much nicer than my sloppy crochet : )
That is the board in the second picture...

I am going to make another one of these bags now that I am certian what the end result will be - I will make the bag a bit taller and the strap much shorter, notice I had to tie it cause it streched too much with the weight of the yarn and I will use a cotton or hemp yarn next time... but I do like the bag : )

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