I got the bllllaaaahhhhhssss

I am working on a new scrap kit, so far I have a theme and actions bought : )  ... I just have the blahs lately - I don't feel like tagging, making kits or tubing... hoping I get more creative quick : )
I am not sure where my missing posts have gone - when blogger started this new format they were there but recently a whole bunch of them went missing - I think I have the kits on my external drive but if not I do not have them anymore - maybe some kind person will help me get them back : )
If the links are still good on 4shared I will reshare them.

I keep hoping I log in one day and my posts will be back but it has been a week so I think they are just gone : (

Ok I did my blog update now i am going back to blahsville... I am going to watch last nights episode Perception off the dvr... hope it's a good show cause I am going to miss the closer!

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